Practice :


Nothing is as valuable as the ability to know the future from the vantage point of now. At the same time, nothing is rarer. Whatever their core capability, companies do better by reducing their surprise. I can help your firm update standard ways of providing leadership information by unleashing collective intelligence in the forecast process.

Theory :


My research concerns how individuals measure their environment using signals, and how their adeptness affects collective intelligence and outcomes of competition.

Published Articles :

Working Papers :
Nash, UW. The Reliability Theory of the Favorite
Longshot Bias.

Nash, UW. How Close to the Optimal Combination of Judgments is it Possible to get in Practice?

Becker, MC, & Nash, UW. Coupled Learning in Large Groups.

Nash, UW, Christensen, M, Knudsen, T, & Stieglitz, N. The Likemindedness Theory of Profit and Risk.

Nash, UW, Christensen, M, Knudsen, T, & Stieglitz, N. Great Minds Think Alike and Fools Seldom Differ: A Cognitive Theory of Performance Heterogeneity.